Fabricant de Kayak et Canoe portable

In addition to recreational kayaks, Nautiraid has developed a military range.


Since Operation Frankton in WW2, the use of kayaks by commandos for infiltration missions has proven its worth.


The military version of the Grand Raid 540, currently called the SB Commando Mark VI, features some impressive characteristics:
Did you know this kayak’s dimensions have been designed to make it fit in a submarine’s torpedo launch tube, that it boosts a combat diver’s range of action five-fold and that it is used for military intelligence gathering?

Nautiraid equips the French special forces, navy commandos and army marine units.

Nautiraid equipment is used by a number of armed forces around the world. We also design and manufacture a range of waterproof Hypalon commando bags under the Nautiraid brand and wetsuits for combat divers, civilian divers and marine rescuers under the Squale brand.


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Replica SB Commandos based on GR II 540s can be made for individuals as special orders.