The latest Nautiraid Kayak model, the ‘SB COMMANDO MK VI
is a two-seater folding kayak. The framework is made
up of two main pre-assembled parts and a limited
number of individual parts to complete the assembly.

The SB COMMANDO MK VI kayak is the reflection
of the constant developments and improvements
of the NAUTIRAID SB COMMANDO military kayaks,
which have been in use for decades, notably
in the French Navy and Army. This development
is regularly enriched by the observations of users
of NAUTIRAID SB COMMANDO folding kayaks from
NATO forces and other Navies or Armies on several continents.


The framework is in ash and birch plywood, covered with 4 coats of varnish. The envelope is made of polyester fabric coated in black hypalon on the sides and underside, and black non-reflecting fabric for the deck.

Kayak dimensions, assembled

  • Length: 5.40 m
  • Maximum beam (‘stabilairs’ inflated) : 0.90 m
  • Beam: 0.74 m
  • Basic weight: 40 kg

Kayak dimensions, dismantled

2 bags:

  • 1 for the framework: 20kg
  • 1 for the envelope + accessories: 17kg
  • Kayak carrying capacity: approx. 350kg

NATO classification
This model carries the part number 1940-14-536-5601. It can be registered with the French ‘Affaires Maritimes’ in category ‘D’.


  • Decking with two spray decks
  • Mooring line
  • Carrier
  • Compass support
  • Rudder
  • Three pairs of paddles
  • Two transport and storage bags

kayaks reserved for armies only

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