Fabricant de Kayak et Canoe portable



Narak Alpine Paddle

Traditional paddle made in the Savoie region from red cedar. Can be dismantled. Oval carbon shaft. Size tailored to Narak kayaks.

Beach Paddle

Nylon blade and aluminium shaft. Available in 2 or 4 pieces.

Canoe Paddle

"Beaver tail" paddle in American linden with epoxy insert. Also available in wide, square blade (Loon model).

Select Carbon Paddle

Prepreg carbon, comes apart into two pieces, S-Lock locking system, approx. 800g and 220cm.

Eskimo Paddle

Nautiraid ‘willow leaf’ Eskimo paddle in ash, mahogany and abachi. 1,470g

Wooden Touring Kayak Paddle

Blades in American linden (75%), red alder and ash walnut. Tips reinforced with an epoxy insert. The paddle comes apart into two pieces. 1,135g.



Nautiraid rudder, fits all kayaks over 4m made after 1998 which are equipped with a rear attachment and all wooden and aluminium single-seaters and aluminium two-seaters.

Grand Narak Footboards

Adjustable pedals on connector boards for solo or front paddler position. Can also be fitted to Grand Raid and Grand Narak at the rear (different connector board).

Single-Seater Footboards

New rudder footboards for all wooden and aluminium single-seater kayaks. Can be bought retail.

Spray Decks & Skirts

Aquatherm Narak Spray Skirt

Aquatherm spray skirts for Narak 550 and Narak 460. This material is cooler and more comfortable than neoprene.

Two-Seater Spray Deck & PVC Nautiraid Spray Skirts

The spray deck means you can head out regardless of the sea conditions. Nautiraid spray decks have one or two paddler holes depending on if you want to paddle alone or as a pair. They feature a hole for erecting the mast.


Folding Wooden Trailer

In plywood (less bulky than aluminium). Maximum load 60kg.

Wheeled Expedition Bag

This mesh outer bag is on wheels, making it easy to transport your kayak. The wheels can be reused on the Nautiraid plywood trailer.


Nautiraid Two-Seater Sailing Rig

Nautiraid downwind sails feature two panels you can easily collapse to reduce the sail area. Available in yellow or white, this rig includes a mast, base plate and mast partner.

Single-Seater Sailing Rig

For all single-seater kayaks except Raid I 325. Available in yellow or white, this rig includes a mast, base plate and mast partner.


Expedition Seat

Seat with inflatable back and seat cushions. Also fits Touring models.

Touring Seat

Seat with inflatable seat cushion and rigid back. Can be ordered as a third child seat in two-seaters.

Coracle Accessories

Spray Cover

Flexible cover for spray protection. Order at the same time as your Coracle.

Motor Board

Stainless steel board protecting the rear when an outboard motor is attached.

Hull Bag

Bag for storing the hull of your Coracle 190, 250 or 300.

Other Equipment

Outboard Bracket

Power your Grand Raid II by mounting an electric or petrol outboard on this bracket.

Commando Pump

Hand pump specially made for Nautiraid. Used for pumping up the Stabilairs.